I Am In the Business of Dreams

21 Jun

People often ask me what my business is. "Dreams," I tell them, "I am in the business of dreams."

Some people might look at me then as if I am selling them snake oil! They can think what they may, but here is my 'snake oil' story, though I am not pulling wool over anyone's eyes and this story is entirely true!

My passion in life is the scintillating details, the sparks of thoughts and inspiration that are like tiny far off stars we see in the sky; and then, connecting the dots, seeing what we make out of them.

What I love about life is all life's 'dreamy' stuff: the things that comprise our asleep-dreams and our awake-dreams that we sometimes call day-dreams.

In the awake-world, the daydream and the goals we have for our lives, and in the sleeping world, what our dreams are telling us in those dream-worlds.

Both continually befriend the imagination. 

(Photo compliments of Hollie Prast)

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