From Emotion to Motion, Music Moves Us

07 May

When we write music, we are discovering it--it and its possibilities.

When we listen to music, we gain an unspoken understanding of the inner harmonies of the world as well as the outer. We hear the music of the spheres, the levels in the rings of existence, scaling the worlds, the universe, the creation of the heavens and heaven on earth.

When we interpret music, we begin to understand more about emotions and our own emotions. This is why music moves us to motion. Emotion is motion. Nothing moves from one place to another, from one state of being without emotion, even if the minute emotion of urge of the atom to merge with another atom or the amoeba cell to split.

Music helps us move and understand. It moves us to emotion and the emotion helps us remember things and understand even as we hear new things. This is why music is transcendent.

These are just a few sudden thoughts while listening to one of my favorite melodies in the world, which I will post here:I like this particular video because it is the same song played over and over in many different ways...I could listen to this song for a year and a day. That would be quite an initiation into the heavenly spheres. I hope I hear this song after I die as I watch my life reel before my eyes. But then I would have to add other songs to the soundtrack of my life. 

Just saying, I hope if there is a heaven that it is full of beautiful music--to me, that would be heaven, to drift in this, in beautiful sound, forever. In 'the windmills of the mind.'

Postscript: Although, I should say these feelings are not entirely sudden, but just a sudden outpouring now, as I have been writing about music as transcendent for some time now.

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